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Excavation & EarthworksCommercial and Residential

Excavation & Earthworks

Commercial and Residential 

Our past work has supported new and knockdown rebuild sites, including multi-unit and single residential preparation services including.

Demolitions, Site Preparation, Excavations, Earth Moving, Foundations, Footpaths & Driveways, Auger works, post holes, Dirt & Concrete Removal, Site Leveling and shaping, Landscaping, Rock Placing, Site Cleaning

Concreting & Asphalting Commercial and Residential

Concreting & Asphalting

We are offering professional and reliable Commercial and Residential concreter and landscaper with years of experience in the industry.
We specialize in all types of concrete works including structural slabs, car parks, footpath, curb and channel, decorative concrete, driveways, stairs, exposed aggregate, polished factory floors With experience across residential, industrial, and commercial sectors, we have the ability to meet a large range of requirements to your job that will be done professionally and accurately.

Specialist Archaeological Mechanical Excavations & Sieves

Specialist Archaeological Mechanical Excavations & Sieves

F M Group Civil is a forward think team our organization comprises both indigenous and non-indigenous staff, making up a diverse team of experienced professional people. F M Group Civil personnel have been engaged with Aboriginal cultural heritage activities for many years. All personnel have worked with Victoria’s Aboriginal communities and hold a vast knowledge of the community and Aboriginal cultural heritage issues in the Victorian context

Demolition Works Commercial and Residential

Demolition Works

Residential demolition including houses of all exterior types, garages, sheds, storage structures, and outbuildings.

Partial Demolition managing alterations of the existing building and removing only certain structures leaving the rest of the building Intact

Commercial – Whole of site breaks down and clearance or partial demolitions, we are fully equipped and experienced to deal with all aspects of services required.