Concreting Works

FM Group Civil has vast experience and knowledge in delivery the following types of concrete works for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.



  • Raft slabs are the simplest, most common form of slab production used for the construction of new houses and extensions.


  • Waffle Pod Slabs are steel reinforced slabs, constructed above ground on top of level polystyrene pods, often used on sites with very reactive soil.

    • A major benefit is that their construction process generally involves reduced earthworks as no trenches are required, and they have a relatively quicker construction time.


  • FM Group Civil can construct concrete footings for residential, commercial, and industrial requirements, as well as for other projects like decks and retaining walls.

    • Concrete footings transfer the structural load of the building to the soil, as such they are critical to support the structure’s foundation and prevent settling.


  • Basements have become a more frequently used way of utilizing the land available to Commercial and Residential Projects.

    • FM Group Civil can assist in establishing your basement hence providing extra space and storage to the home, without impeding on yard space.


  • These structures are reinforced concrete piles used to support high structures with heavy vertical loads


  • Shotcrete or sprayed concrete is concrete, or mortar conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, as a construction technique.

CONCRETING – Residential

Raft and Basement Slabs

Pathways, Driveways & Cross Overs

CONCRETING – Commercial – Industrial

Ground and levels preparation


Steel Placement

Concrete Pumping


Large area pours and screeding